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What resources can we offer you?

Here are some of the questions we intend to answer:

  • How do I respond to people that say they have nothing to hide and aren’t concerned with privacy at all?
  • What do I need to know and how to tell others about unauthorized data collection? What are its consequences?
  • How do I stay safe while browsing and searching the web?
  • How do I choose software that encrypts my information and keeps it safe?
  • How do I communicate securely with family, friends, co-workers?
  • Where is the line between public and private information?

We are accepting suggestions for content and guests for sessions that can guide us through the labyrinth of options.

  • You can come to our workshop, learn something useful, and share your expertise by telling us your perspective on the discussed subjects and entering feedback
  • You can suggest an instructional video, movie, documentary, or reading on privacy, digital trust, or data equity
  • You can make a presentation and lead a discussion on a product, service, or topic related to our workshop
  • You can do some outreach through online channels or by sending emails or posting on social media about our workshop

When considering presentations and other materials for the workshop we will be looking at their correctness, utility for individuals and cooperators, and balanced tone of presentation respectful to the audience.

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The Hated One : Mass surveillance is a backdoor into freedom of speech. Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely. I am not a professional. I just try to spread the message I believe is important. I am non-partisan. I always will be. (Use Youtube link if Invidiious is blocked)

Robert Braxman : the Internet Privacy Guy, a public interest hacker, and technologist who uses his extensive knowledge of cybersecurity and tech to serve the public good. Robert cares about privacy and warns you of digital manipulation, disinformation, mass surveillance.

Links to safety resources

For More Details about how your Browser is being tracked:


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COVID-19 Privacy & Data Protection Resources

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