Coffee Shop – 24/7 co-working space

How about open collaborative coding/learning/skillsharing/failure/embarrassment/fear/success/love.

About the Coffee Shop: OPEN 24/7 – stop in and co-work with others, or just LURK. Get feedback on a project or just co-exist with developers and creative people doing their thing. There is no recording and cameras are optional. You can remain anonymous by using a pseudonym when you sign into the room. *** If you are the only person in the room, use the settings (top right, 3 dots) to set an audio or popup alert when someone enters the room. and leave this tab open in your browser. – Make sure your microphone is MUTED:)

Got some interesting side projects or work that you can share while you are doing it? Want to teach something?

Here is a shared pad to ask questions or post information/things/notes for other co-workers:

I think it is important that coding and learning to use software comes out from behind the curtain.

Let’s give people a visual of what it is like to learn to write code or to work with digital tools and new or unfamiliar software. We can each choose a time to be active in the Coffee Shop sharing our screen while working on a project or learning to use a software, thus giving others a window into the world of a technologist, programmer, artist and free software enthusiast etc.. Practice your craft here – acting, singing, public speaking, dancing, ranting and pontificating, lounging, cavorting, nature walking, dining. Share your acting skills, cooking prowess, reading aloud, teach me French, play chess, on and on… This experiment could also FAIL… but we tried!

My best advice is to FAIL FAST AND OFTEN!!! The more you fail, the more you will have a chance to succeed.

If you want to discuss a process for planning some live co-working events in the future, that would be great! The idea is to have ongoing activities in the Coffee Shop and to be skill sharing as well. It will surely start off small until we get the word around to people. Vet your idea at Show and Tell with Agaric and Friends.

The access code below gives you admin privileges inside the Coffee Shop – we share this using the plus sign (+) in the blue circle at the bottom left, under the presentation window. Or… Get Your Own Room

The access code to enter the Coffee Shop is: cream