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Diabolix – Guilty But Insane – Bold Denial

Check out the Substack article by Jen B. Larsen of DisappearingMedia.com on Micky Metts, Guitar and Vocals of the Phantoms, Bass player in Organ Dönörs, She’s So Loud and Diabolix. Jen is also the author of a must-read book titled: “Hit Girls”. The craftily titled anthology is an homage to female led PUNK bands in the late 70s and early 80s. There is a chapter on The Phantoms in her book, and a keen article on Jen in HuckMag and other publications.

Get on to DissappearingMedia.com, before you, yourself, actually do.
Now… the music that was unearthed and wrenched from the dirt floor of a cellar on the fringes of Boston dubbed “Club One” are some live recordings that were salvaged after the after-party.  The spot was written about as Boston’s “BEST” after hours spot in the old Boston Phoenix.
PROJECT: CD cover art needed! We are making up the rules – join us!

You ask yourself, “why now?” Nah, you do not ask any questions, and yet we have some of the answers. Obfuscated Agitation combined with a “what next?” look back with a touch of Malaise.