Check out the Substack article by Jen B. Larsen on Micky Metts, Guitar and Vocals of the Phantoms. Jen is also the author of a must-read book titled: “Hit Girls”. The craftily titled anthology is an homage to female led PUNK bands in the late 70s and early 80s. There is a chapter on The Phantoms in her book, and a keen article on Jen in HuckMag.

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Now… the music that was unearthed and wrenched from the dirt floor of a cellar on the fringes of Boston dubbed “Club One” are some live recordings that were salvaged after the after-party. 

You ask yourself, “why now” Nah, you do not ask any questions, yet we have some of the answers. Obfuscated Agitation combined with a “what next?” look and a touch of Malaise.