CommunityBridge news and updates of interest to some.

6/23/2021 Workshop on Privacy, Trust, and Data Equity discussions begin August , 24th will be hosting a series of movies, classes, and hands-on sessions on regaining freedom in the digital world and taking back control of your data.

Online privacy is not something you do once – set and forget. Online personal security is an ever-changing and rapidly evolving area of technology. With the advent of social media, corporations are collecting and aggregating more data than ever. Data collectors (websites that you visit and apps that you may use) are figuring out ways to gamify you into giving up any information they desire. You are essentially being virtually stalked – and worse, you may be compromising your friends and contacts. Simply installing an app can compromise your device and you would not be aware of the danger.

Remember: A tool that is safe today may not be safe tomorrow… or later today.

There is no total solution, but there are steps you can take to be a lot safer than you are now. Everyone needs a slightly different approach to privacy and security, based upon the devices they use and the way that they use them. One must stay informed and be aware of constant change. Fortunately, you do not have to do this alone and there are communities and online resources that will help you stay as informed as you need to be.

Our workshop will hold 1-hour long online meetings on weeknights once a week, subject to availability of materials and presenters. The first meeting is scheduled for 8PM on June, 24th at

We are open to your suggestions and feedback regarding the meeting timing, topics, and content. Please visit our library for suggestion forms (coming soon), or enter feedback at


Lots of good news. Our monthly BBB hosting fee has gone from $450 to $250 as of this month. This means if a few people subscribe for $5-10 a month, it will pay for itself. If a lot more people subscribe, we can all decide what to do with the excess $. Yes, I am still planning on working on setting up an optional subscription method, I just get upset
when I think of what money does to people so I am incredibly slow at it.

Our server at BBB has been upgraded to the latest release version BigBlueButton V2.3.4 and we have some new features available:

  1. Easily raise your hand
  2. The Polling interface is enhanced for typing a poll question and allowing a text response to the poll
  3. You can now make up to 16 Breakout rooms
  4. You can change your Guest Policy from inside of the room to ask people to wait for a moderate to enter, or make the room open to the public or private
  5. No more Echo test!
  6. Microphone adjustments and connectivity status are both inside of the room
  7. Upload several presentations and manage them
  8. Palm rejection to make it easier to draw or write on a cell phone or tablet
  9. Grant, or deny whiteboard access to individuals

There are also multiple fixes for some iOS devices that were causing a few errors for those with iPhones and mac tablets as well as Safari. Here is the official list of what is new:

We now have a 2nd server running BBB that allows LIVE Streaming/Broadcasting to Youtube etc. If you are interested, respond and I will send more information.

If you would like to make a deeper commitment and join a cooperative built around BigBlueButton hosting, take a look at we are working on the governance now!


BigBlueButton 2.3 has been released and our site will be upgraded in the next few weeks!

  • Live Interpretation is possible in BBB – see the FAQ for instructions.

In an interview with Rashad Robinson, the executive director of Color of Change, the United States’s largest online racial justice organization, which has lobbied social media companies to address civil rights violations on their platforms, says the Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) community faces “immediate danger” when working on the video call platform Zoom. Robinson explained that “these are not pranks, but a coordinated effort to terrorise marginalized groups who are disproportionately targeted online”.

Robinson says that despite the fact that the symbiotic relationship between racism and the internet is common knowledge, tech companies are still unprepared for racist hijacks.

“I mean, Zoom refers to racist 4chan users as harmless ‘party crashers’, [language it has since apologized for and changed] it just shows they never imagined gatherings would be interrupted – companies don’t have Black experiences or world views because they don’t diversify their workforce.”